Website data extraction

Is there a way to stop the website data extraction hitting certain pages. We have a travel site which has acommodation available throughout the year. The data extraction brings back all of these dates for all of the accommodation when all that is required is the one page with the accommodation details. (Our IT guy thought there was a DOS attack happening).
The data extraction also brings back the basket for every accommodation when that’s not required at all.
So, is there a way to tell the bot only to extract selected pages?

Hi there @RayM

Thank you for raising this concern. While we currently don’t have the option to extract specific pages directly, you do have the ability to manually add pages that contain only the relevant information you need. This manual approach provides greater control over the data extraction process, allowing you to avoid unnecessary retrieval of data for certain pages.

If you require assistance with this manual process or have any further questions, please feel free to reach out. We’re here to support you.