Widget design improvements - remove left line on pre-chat & grey outline of the widget

Hi, i like using tawk.to and i will upgrade to paid version, but please help me to remove white line that appears on sides and blue line also…its quite crucial for my site, it doesn’t look good on phone

can you please explain me how to edit it/how to remove it, because it looks like a bug…and i need to remove that its very important for my site to looks good and as you can see on picture that two things it bothers me, zoom into image to see , i know it can be done with CSS but i want your help to help me to achieve that…i really need to remove that white lines on sides and that blue line on the left side of box

and please help me to remove this white border…its ultra bad


can’t be done no css edit

Okay, so how to fix it? it doesn’t look good man…i like the addon very much and i want to continue using it but i need to resolve that its looks unprofessional it looks like a bug but its not…so do you have any advice how can it be fixed/resolved?

i mean there is no need to be like that if it can be fixed, i would really appreciate if there is ANY solution to fix this, i’ll donate extra money, whatever it takes i just need to resolve this it looks pretty bad

is there any possiblity of fixing it?
please i really need it without those :confused:

Unfortunately, there is no way to change those colors until the chat developers allow for more customizations.

Can chat developer some how be notified about that? i would really appreciate it i would donate as much money he wants i really need it…it would mean a lot to me, cause currently its really bothering me and its crucial for me site but i don’t want to switch to any other addon i like tawk to very much and i hope i will be able to continue using it…i just need that little help about this current issues that i mention

i hope developer will see this and help me resolve the issue, it would mean so much to me
@Mel @kristaps @Ralph

Hi @Luka,

Thank you for your involvement in the community and for highlighting these design opportunities. :pray:t3:

I’ve brought this up for internal discussion. We’ll plan to roll out these changes in future updates based on priority.

If you have any other feedback and suggestions, we’d love to hear from you!

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@kristaps Thank you so so so much i really appreciate that…i really like tawk.to its amazing plugin and amazing community i really hope you will be able to fix/improve those few things that i mention it would mean a LOT

besides those things that i mention there is one small extra tip is and that is to make previous conversations “See all conversations” translatable…most of messages are translatable and that is wonderful however previous conversation text on widget is not editable lso site like mine have to disable it because mine and many other sites have to have ability to translate everything (on my site everything have to be on our croatian language so without having ability to translate text “See all conversations” i had to disable previous conversations feature, adding that message to be translatable would make ability to enable previous conversations again and that is huge deal…and maybe messages in widget like “Conversation ended on Wednesday” to be translatable this plugin is trully amazing and i promise i will support your addon and recommend it to many sites and i will also donate at least few hundreds of dollars because i love this plugin and its wonderful i hope you will be able to do those small improvements soon i’m pretty sure many users will appreciate that a lot, thank you once more and i hope you will be able to do it for real because that small improvements will acutally make HUGE improvements for your users
all i can say is that you won’t regret making those changes :heart: