Assign chats to agents automatically

I see that you guys are missing the feature to automatically distribute customers to support staff

Hi Trúc Linh,

Thank you for your suggestion regarding the automatic distribution of customers to support staff. While this feature is currently not available, our team is working to improve our collaboration and workflow tools to better serve our customers. We appreciate your feedback and will take it into consideration as we continue to develop and enhance our platform. If you have any further suggestions or ideas, please don’t hesitate to let us know.

That would be good, I like your ideas :slight_smile:

How do companies deal with chats or tickets? You can have them assigned to a Department with a number of agents in it, but how do the agents get them?

If you have email notifications going into a group email, the first agent to get to the email can deal with that chat/ticket. But then every response from us also goes into the mailbox and nothing is supposed to be done with them so they just clog up the email box. What is the best way to deal with this?

Hi Bennyls,
When a ticket is created, a notification email is sent to the assignee ( agent or department) along with a notification displayed on the Inbox in the dashboard.
If someone replies to the ticket notification email, it will update the ticket displayed on the dashboard so duplicate answers are not sent, similarly, any replies sent from the ticket reply box on Inbox, will have a new email notification sent to the visitor and assignee in case they reply from the email notification.

If short, you can have a department assigned for receiving tickets, and whoever answers first, be it from the dashboard or email, will update the ticket status for everyone else.

Hope this makes sense.

Can you elaborate on that a bit?

If I see an email from a ticket in the inbox, from 2 hours ago, maybe an agent saw the ticket in the dashboard and responded an hour ago.

But in the email inbox, it is still new/unread. An email notification is not sent out to us if we sent an email to the customer, so by looking at the email inbox, no way to see that it was dealt with.

So if there are 20 emails in the email inbox, we need to check each one in Tawk to to see if it was dealt with?

Hi Bennyls,

Thank you for clarifying the question.

When a new ticket is created and forwarded to your Inbox, it toggles the ‘‘New Ticket’’ Mail notification setting which sends a copy to everyone listed in Mail Notification settings.
Once someone replies to an unassigned ticket, they become the assignee of said ticket and will receive notification updates for messages exchanged on the dashboard and their email address.
The rest of the team that is not assigned, will not receive anything more than the initial New Ticket notification.

If these Mail Notifications are causing confusion they can be disabled from Administration-> Settings → Mail Notifications.

We are planning for some automation features with future updates that could help sort incoming tickets so the correct departments are notified.

Hope this makes sense.

Hi @Ralph - thanks!

I mean that if an agent is working in the email inbox, and another agent is working on, so the first one does not see reflected in the email inbox if a ticket was updated on

So they would need to open each email and check in the TT inbox to see if the ticket needs to be dealt with, right?

I feel like this feature is missing too.
I need a way to auto-assign and auto-tag incoming-tickets by specific filters.
For examples, emails subjectlines that contain “Contact form submission” should be auto-assigned to the support department, and subject lines with “bugs” should be auto-assigned to developer department.
Another example: email that contains the word “orik” should be auto-tagged with the “Interested in Orik Product” tag.

Do you think you’ll have this feature in the upcoming months?