Customize tickets emails


Could be great to add our own logo on the tickets emails + a signature.

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also there should be an option to change the language of the ticket emails .


Allowing customization of the auto response email for new ticket will be a great addition.


Also please manage TimeZones. At the moment ticket emails are in English AND time is off by several hours.


we do not use, ticketing system because we are based in México and sending reply emails to clients in english is not a very good idea.


Am I missing something? The ticket emails don’t have much there.

Subject is: [#123] (123 is the ticket number)

Content of the email:
##- Please type your reply above this line -##

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We agree - would be great to be able to customize this as not all our visitors understand that this email is a ticket notification and that they can reply to it.

It should have text saying something like - “Your ticket was created. You can respond by replying to this email”

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The ticket feature is very neglected and lacks very important basic options such as being able to change text, language, etc. :disappointed_relieved:

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Agreed. We need this!

Definately needed.

Also it would be nice if the system did not send a new ticket number upon every response from the user. Emails with the same subject should be treated as one ticket.

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