Data Reporting and Deleting Tags, and filtering by multiple tags


I love the product. I’m needing all of its cool analytic features to be downloaded into a csv.
I would like to be able to export chat data and see the agent it attended, and the tags it has associated with it.

Also. I need to be able to delete tags

Hi Andie,
Thank you for the kind words.
Currently, it is possible to make a CSV export with columns you have selected form the Contacts section of the dashboard. This would give you a csv list of visitors along with tags and any other attributes you might have assigned to it during interactions.
As for the Chat and Ticket data, the Inbox section export currently is limited to 100 chats and is sent as a .json file. We have quite a few improvements planned for Inbox to give it similar customizability as the Contacts section and it should be available later this year.
We also have some updates for tag deletion and merge planned, so stay tuned for future updates.

Let us know if you have any other suggestions.

Hello, Ralph, how is it going?

Is there a release date for this chat and ticket reporting feature via inbox?

Thank you!