Export chats via API

Would be great if we could export chats for a specific period of time via API. This is useful for when we do QA, and we have to export/import chats to a different tool so QA will be able to mark chats as good/bad/average based on the situation. At this moment, the only way is manual export, and there is a limit of conversations as well.

Hello @chemicdavid,

It sounds like you are suggesting a feature that would allow users to export chats for a specific period of time via API. This would be useful for QA purposes, as it would enable the import/export of chats to a different tool for review and categorization. Currently, the only option is to manually export chats, which has limitations on the number of conversations that can be exported.

Hi chemicdavid,

Thank you for your request. Currently, it is possible to filter for chats that are Updated within a specific timeframe and it is possible to export up to 100 selected chats at a time.
Our team is currently working on expanding Inbox features and QA tools is something that we will be considered in future updates.
Let us know if you have any other suggestions or feedback.

Hey! Any update on this one :slight_smile: is possible to export chats via API now ?