Give option to add another email as CC in the offline replies

In our business customers, there are multiple emails we see in the live chat or for the offline property we reply and customers ask to add CC the give n email address. Unfortunately, we have to accept that this isn’t possible with the platform we are using right now. In that, we can only use a single email address to reply or else we have to create a new ticket to conversate with other people on the same topic.

Hi Manoj,

Thank you for sharing your feedback. We understand the challenges you’re facing with the current one-recipient system. Please note that we are continuously striving to improve user experience and take into account the needs of our customers.

Your suggestion for multi-recipient email forwarding is insightful, and we’re excited to let you know that substantial updates for our Inbox feature are already in progress. We will certainly take your request into consideration as we shape the future functionalities of our platform.

We greatly value your input. If you have more suggestions, feel free to share.