Integrate Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, Telegram and more


This will allow us to respond not only messages coming from the live chat but also from our facebook pages. Being able to answer e-mails and other chat services such as telegram would also be great! This Will save us a ton of time because it allows us to manage all our visitor’s messages coming from many different sources in a single place.

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100% with you on Whatsapp. Quite a popular media in South Africa and Africa


Hello, Every one

We really like this page the tawk is every time help provide us. and the telegram way is also great for us.

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Hi, we are currently using Freshworks/Helpdesk for our customer communication, they have been using WhatsApp Business for a while and it would be very useful for us to have that here as well, as it’s a lot cheaper here!

Supporting Telegram and WhatsApp will end the industry of omni-channel competitors :joy: .

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Can’t wait to see this feature on, my organization has been requesting this from time immemorial.

Please consider as fast as possible.

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100% needed now tidio chat offers it too

In a first step it would help to get the “own” emails (= “tickets”) into one chat with the customer, instead of separate email conversions and need to turn from one window to another in the app or the web dashboard and search for a previous message of the customer in several tickets and / or chats.

To get all the messages with a customer in ONE chat is what you can expect from a modern chat / omni-channel messenger solution :slight_smile:

In short: do not separate emails and chats and put all these messages with a customer in one chat.

if not whatsapp at least messenger and instragram.


bump :radio: silence from tawk to :disappointed_relieved:

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100% Tawk to needs whatsapp integration.


This is a must-have Feature.


Please bring integration with Whatsapp, Telegram, FB Messenger, Instagram. It is the most needed.

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Need this feature