Visitor create tickets by a direct link

Hello everyone!

Is it possible to create a way that allows my visitors to create a ticket through a direct link, not only in the knowledge base? My clients communicate with me via email, but if they create a Tawk ticket, it will generate a protocol, enabling me to organize more efficiently and quickly.

Thank you!

Hello @JeffersonLemos

Thank you for your proactive engagement in enhancing to better suit your needs. Your suggestion regarding creating a ticket through a direct link is valuable. Although we currently don’t have that specific functionality, we’re excited to offer a solution that aligns with your workflow.

To streamline the ticket creation process, we recommend implementing an offline form. This feature allows your clients to leave messages even when you’re unavailable, creating a structured ticketing system for improved organization and responsiveness.

Here’s a quick guide on setting it up:

  1. Enable the offline form feature: Navigate to your Dashboard, go to :gear:AdministrationChannelsChat Widget.
  2. Click on Edit Content under the Widget Content heading. This will open a new window, allowing you to fully customize the content displayed on your chat widget, including Offline Status.
  3. Customize the form fields: Tailor the offline form to gather the necessary information, such as name, email, message, or any other specifics relevant to your workflow.
  4. Convert offline messages into tickets: As visitors leave messages through the offline form, easily convert them into tickets, streamlining communication and ensuring prompt follow-ups.

We hope this solution enhances your efficiency and responsiveness. If you have any further questions or need assistance in implementing this feature, our support team is here to help.