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Welcomed to the tawk.to community!

Connect with other tawkers and learn from developers and product experts. Suggest a new feature or report a bug. The community forum is the place to start conversations, find answers and get the most out of tawk.to.

We have a few places for you to explore:


This is a section where you can find updates, news, and relevant information regarding tawks products or services.

Community Discussion

This section is dedicated to discussing general topics related to tawk.to - its product, service, organization, and how we can improve plus share opinions and ideas.

Feature Requests

Share your ideas for new features or propose improvements to existing products offered by tawk.to below. Then upvote your favourite.

Bug Report

Found a bug? Report any bugs or errors you encounter while using tawk.to products, so that we can resolve these issues.

User Experience

Post your feedback on the usability, design, and overall experience of tawk.to products, to help us improve our user experience.

Community Support

Ask questions and get assistance from the tawk.to community.


This section is dedicated to developers who wish to discuss the usage of the tawk.to API and integrations with other applications.

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