Agent Availability Report

Hi Tawkers
Thanks for the Tawk tool - it’s great :slight_smile:

I am trying to convince a client to use your chat agents. This is because the availability of in-house agents is so low: in-house Agents are either busy doing other jobs or they simply forget to log-in to Tawk - this means often no one is available to respond to visitors & so the chat control doesn’t even appear for visitors to use.

However to demonstrate how low in-house-agent availability is I need to show the client a report that showed how often (or not!) chat was available to visitors. Ideally a summary by day of the % of time the chat control was showing (ie when at least one agent was available), over a specified time period.

Just a simple columnar report with the date by row and the availability rate for that day would be super helpful please.

At the moment you have an availability figure on the main dashboard but this only appears to show today’s availability. There is no corresponding report in Reporting for longer ranges.

I would have thought this report would be of value to many companies in the same position.
Is this something you could add please?!

Many thanks

Hi Mangolab,

Thank you for your feedback and for using the Tawk tool. We understand your need to demonstrate the availability of chat agents to your clients. While we currently don’t have a specific report for showing the availability, we have the First Response time metric available in our Reporting section. By breaking down the First Reply time by the hour of the day, you can get a sense of when agents are most responsive. This can indirectly indicate their availability. For example, if you notice that agents consistently respond quickly during certain hours, it suggests that they are actively available during those times. This is one of the main metrics we use to gauge for which hours of day require additional agents.

In addition, it’s important to highlight that agents can use the phone app to always stay notified of new chat requests. By utilizing the app, they will be alerted immediately, even if they are engaged in other tasks. This ensures that they can respond promptly to visitors, increasing the overall availability of your chat service. Furthermore, using the app guarantees that the widget is online and visible on your website at all times, maximizing the opportunities for visitors to engage with it.

Thank you for choosing Tawk as your chat solution. If you have any further questions or suggestions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We’re here to assist you.

Hi Ralph, thank you very much for your reply. The First Response time is helpful if we know agents are online, but if an agent hops online for 10 minutes and answers a few chats quickly the FR report still shows great results - even if we have no other agents online for whole of the rest of the day!
I guess we can try to use it in combo with chat volume but it would be great to see a chart\info out of the box.
Thanks for highlighting the phone App too - this may be a possibility to help. I think their staff have a voip system so the handsets probably don’t support apps & it’s probably not possible for security reasons on personal smart phones.
I see this idea of monitoring agent availability is a popular request though, with various slants eg

…so hopefully it is something on’s radar for future!
Once again many thanks for taking the time to reply, best wishes