Emails language should be customizable

Ticket reply emails are in English, not in locale language. For example:-

##- Please Type your reply above this line -##

This is confusing to non-English speakers.

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Yes please this is a must, I don’t get why everything else can be translated but not the email reply on the tickets.


Hi Leo,

Thanks for commenting and welcome to the community!

Our team is aware of this and looking into it. We will keep you posted with updates on this thread.

If you have any additional questions, feedback, or suggestions, feel free to create new topics in the community. We will review them and respond as soon as we can.


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Please also manage TimeZones. At the moment ticket emails are in English AND time is off by several hours.
This kills the use of Tawkto in any non-EU environment and I’m looking for another solution unfortunately.


Hey Marcel, I get what you mean. The timestamps in tickets are based on GMT. We will consider changing it to a variable at some stage.

Thanks for your feedback!

Are there any other reasons why you’re looking for alternatives?

Yes, I do not use ticketing system for the very same reason. being able to change language and timezone should be a must because it is useless for non english speaking users for now.

If you guys require help translating from English to Spanish - Spain (Europe) I am more than happy to help.

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Hey Guillermo,

Welcome to the Community! We appreciate your willingness to contribute to translating our software into Spanish.

At the time of this post, our software is 97% translated into Spanish by our community on Crowdin. You can make contributions here: Translating tawk to Spanish language - Crowdin

To translate the ticket emails, we need to make adjustments to our software backend. Currently, this task is on our product backlog and will be addressed once we have completed our other priority items.